TANGO COSTA BRAVA also intends that participants enjoy the exceptional landscape of the world-famous Catalan Costa Brava, with its incredible mix of sea and mountains, where participants can pass some magnificent days of summer vacation, enjoying excellent beaches and hidden coves.

And precisely in order to harmonize tango with all this beautiful seaside environment we´ve organized two milongas in front of the beach of Sant Feliu de Guíxols (the very beautiful small city chosen for hosting our event).


Finally, and as a highlight of our event, we´ll have an exceptional excursion (with milonga included) along the beautiful Camino de Ronda of S’Agaro. This excursion will also offer us the possibility of bathing in the amaizing beach of Sa Conca.

It will certainly be a pleasure to dance at summer sunset, in front of the intense blue horizon of the Mediterranean Sea!


On the other hand, our night milongas and the farewell milonga (Sunday afternoon) will be held at the sports center building,

It is a place with wooden floor suitable for the practice of dance, and where we can dance until dawn the milonga, if we wish, with a comforting breakfast or one of the specialty dishes of the house.

Finally, on the last day (Sunday, September 2nd) we´ll enjoy an excellent free air Farewell Asado made by a great Argentinian cheff (with vegetarian alternative for those who prefer it).


We will dance to the music of 4 excellent international Tango DJs

Gabriel Sodini
Buenos Aires

Félix Hahme

Carlos Matias

Toni Barber