A – Full Pass – All the milongas + Excursion on Saturday + Asado on Sunday – 85 €

B – Weekend Pass – Friday and Saturday nights Milongas + Saturday tour + Sunday Milonga and Barbecue – 75 €

C – Pass 4 milongas 55 €


  1. Milonga by night on Thursday 15 €
  2. Milongas by night on Friday  15€
  3. Milongas by night on Saturday 15 € 
  4. Milonga by afternoon with afterparty and live music on Sunday 15 €
  5. Camino de Ronda excursion with milonga on Friday afternoon 18 €
  6. Barbecue (farewell lunch) 25 €

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  • There are 100 private coach seats available for the Milonga Excursion on Friday afternoon.
  • You must register in order to secure a seat.
    Inquire about  packages:
  • Pool and Spa – Milongas Meals
    Tickets will be sold in advance until they are sold out.. If there are still tickets available closer to the date of the event, we will inform you and they will be sold at the entrance on the same days of the event. Estimated maximum capacity: 250 people
    Gender Balance: we will accept registrations up to 15% considering the balance of genders, including staff dancers. Once this balance has been exceeded, you  will be placed on a waiting list until it is even again.
    Rules of the main dance floor: we will monitor the dance floor to assure those who disrespect the floor or other dancers by  kicking too high, putting others in danger, disrupting the circulation, etc.  If rules are broken, the offender will be forced to sit out on up to 2 tandas.
    We will have an alternative dance floor for those who want to dance without following the rules and prefer to dance the way they please.


To make your registration, click first on your chosen payment method:






  • PayPal payments (Visa and Mastercard) and bank transfer accepted
  • PayPal payment expenses will be paid by the participant in cash once arrived at Sant Feliu de Guixols
  • The bank transfer costs are paid by the participant
  • Once bank transfer registration is completed, you will have 10 days to pay for it. In case of no do so, your registration will be canceled automatically. Once payment is made, you will receive confirmation from the organization

  • Hotel Hostal del Sol (3***)
  • Hotel Hostal del Sol (3***)
  • Hotel Montjoi (3***)
  • Hotel Montjoi (3***)
  • Hotel Eden Roc (4****)
  • Hotel Eden Roc (4****)
  • Hotel del Mar (1* Superior)
  • Hotel Gesoria (1*)
  • Apartamentos Mercedes
  • Apartamentos Mercedes


From the Organizing Committee of Tango Costa Brava we have established some different agreements with some different hotels and apartments in Sant Feliu de Guíxols in order to get the best prices (even being high season) for the staying of our participants. We trust that these so good prices for accommodation will facilitate the presence of all of you in our event. We have selected hotels with different categories (from 1 to 4 stars), in order to satisfy all types of demand.
See hotels & make RESERVATION