Gabriel Sodini (Buenos Aires)


Gabriel Sodini is one of the most important tango DJs of Buenos Aires, and also one of the most requested in Europe during the last years. He was DJing in the famous Club Villa Malcolm (1998-2004); in the Confitería Ideal from 2003 till actual days; in the Club Independencia from 2007 to 2012; in Racing Club from 2012, where he is also the Art director; and in the Encuentros and Festivales of Unitango on the Atlantic Coast from the year 2001.

From 1998 he worked also in festivals and milongas of Buenos Aires, Rosario, Atlantic Coast, Porto Alegre, Medellin, and many european cities: Zurich, Tutzing, Lienz, Tavira, Milan, Lucca, Bologna, Imola, Catania, Tarbes, Nimes, Montpellier, Hendaye, Paris, Perpignan, Valencia, Madrid, Irún, Barcelona, Sitges and our Tango Costa Brava in its first edition, etc.

Creator in 2002 of the Orchestra Unitango. This orchestra, which has performed in Argentina and many european countries, interprets its repertoire by tandas of different styles, model adopted later by several orchestras. They recreate the styles of A.Troilo, O.Pugliese, J.D’Arienzo, C.Di Sarli, A.D’Angelis, R.Biagi, F.Canaro and A.Piazzolla.

Felix Hahme (Berlín)

Felix Hahme

Felix Hahme started buying his first discs of tango in 1991 in a shop of discs Multikulti “Canzone” where he found Tangos of Buenos Aires. He organized his first Milonga in 1992 in Berlin with tapes of Orchestras as Aníbal Troilo, Francini-Pontier and D’Arienzo from the end of the 30s.

The times have changed and nowadays he focused in the golden epoch of the 40s. Though he is in love with D’Arienzo, Di Sarli and Pugliese, he inclines to the joy of Francisco Canaro or Francisco Lomuto.

After numerous Milongas, festivals and marathons in Europe, he settled in the fabulous Milonga in Ballhaus Rixdorf (1998-2003). Nowadays he is DJing in the Milonga Villa Kreuzberg of Berlin every Thursday from 2009.


Toni Barber (Barcelona)

Toni-2Born in Barcelona, He dances tango during the last 25 years. He is organizer of milongas in Barcelona from 1996: La Milonga de Patio de Tango, La Yapa, La Cúpula del Tango, Café Picasso, Tango-Gotán, and in this moment La Yapa Milonga del Café.

Since 1996 he works for the Festival Internacional de Tango de Sitges, where he was resident DJ of the night milongas during 13 years. From 2009 he takes part of the organization of the festival, up to the current edition in which he is its director.

As a tango DJ he has taken part in the best events of the city of Barcelona, and also in diverse european festivals.

He is also a musician, contrabass player, forming part of diverse tango groups: Orquesta Latitud Tango (3 years till now), the quartet of guitars and double-bass Cuarteto Irreal (2 years), and nowadays he is member of the Cuarteto Típico Chamuyo de Arrabal. He was nominated as a Corresponding Member of the National Academy of the Tango of  Buenos Aires, because of his labor in Barcelona regarding the history of the Tango.

Carlos Matias  (Portugal)

Dj Carlos Matias
Carlos Matias is one of the most important teachers of tango and DJs in Portugal. Since 2004 he teaches classes in numerous cities in his country, as well as in Mozambique. In the same way, since that date he organizes a regular milonga in Lisbon every Friday and has been the producer of numerous and important tango shows in that city. He has served as a Dj. in several countries, highlighting his numerous participations in the International Tango Festival of Sitges, where his presence enjoyed great acceptance among the audience. By the express wish of the former director of the festival, Fernando López del Amo, Carlos Matias is now joining the cast of Tango DJs Costa Brava./div>