They performed abroad: the “Sani.Festival” (Greece), “Wacyjny Festival” (Poland), “Treffpunkt Stuttgart” and Berlin (Germany); held workshops in Warsaw and Krakow (Poland), Island (Slovenia), etc.

Since 2005 they are invited by orchestras: “Four for Tango”, “Tango x Tres”, Piazzolla Project “Vientos de Tango” and “Madrugada” as dancers for different shows. In the same year until 2009 have worked with the company Naturalis Labor of Vicenza as choreographers and Tango dancers, participating in the shows “Declaracion” (2005), “Alma de Tango” (2006); “La Catedral” (2007) and “Noche de Tango” (2008) who saw them perform in different theaters (Verdi in Pisa, Carignano in Turin, Camply of Verona, etc.) and contemporary dance festivals such as Vignale Danza, Abano Danza , Operastate (Bassano), Danza Comacchio (Ferrara), DanzaFest (Bergamo), East-West (Rovereto), etc.

In 2015 he debuted with the Dolores Hotel show, production for the festival Perspective Dance 2015.