Margarita Klurfan & Walter Cardozo classes

Friday 30th & Saturday 31st from 9PM to 10.15PM

They performed abroad: the “Sani.Festival” (Greece), “Wacyjny Festival” (Poland), “Treffpunkt Stuttgart” and Berlin (Germany); held workshops in Warsaw and Krakow (Poland), Island (Slovenia), etc.

Since 2005 they are invited by orchestras: “Four for Tango”, “Tango x Tres”, Piazzolla Project “Vientos de Tango” and “Madrugada” as dancers for different shows. In the same year until 2009 have worked with the company Naturalis Labor of Vicenza as choreographers and Tango dancers, participating in the shows “Declaracion” (2005), “Alma de Tango” (2006); “La Catedral” (2007) and “Noche de Tango” (2008) who saw them perform in different theaters (Verdi in Pisa, Carignano in Turin, Camply of Verona, etc.) and contemporary dance festivals such as Vignale Danza, Abano Danza , Operastate (Bassano), Danza Comacchio (Ferrara), DanzaFest (Bergamo), East-West (Rovereto), etc.

Since 2007 they are invited by the Orchestra “Typical Marcucci” as dancers for several performances and together with Daniel Binelli and Eduardo Isaac present the show “Tango and Friends. In 2009 he participated in the “Tango y Mas” festival interpreting the songs composed by maestro Hector Ulisses Passarella.
Their latest Tournee (August-September 2008 and 2009) led them to Dubai (UAE), Singapore, Jakarta and Bali (Indonesia), Saigon (Vietnam).

They collaborate with Duo MACLE from 2010 different shows. In 2013 Passiones are encouraged by the company of Adrian Aragon and Erica Boaglio to participate in their show in Latinoamericando Festival.
In 2014 they were invited to the Festival Time in Jazz, where they performed together with bioloncelista Leonardo Knowing and invited the trombetista Paolo Fresu.

In 2015 he debuted with the Dolores Hotel show, production for the festival Perspective Dance 2015.

Margarita Klurfan

Born in Buenos Aires | Argentina, here, began his training as a dancer.

After a thorough study of ballet, she is dedicated to Argentine tango, followed by master Mingo Pugliese, Vanina and Roberto Herrera, Claudio Gonzales, Osvaldo Coelho and Ana Maria Stekelmann (Tangokinesis).

began his professional career by participating in different shows and toured with artists including Nestor Marconi and Orchestra, with which travels in Bolivia (La Paz and Santa Cruz de la Sierra). After taking part in the show “Tangou” under the direction of Anibal Pachano in Tour of Uruguay (Punta del Este y Montevideo). He performed in Paris with the “Paradis Tango” show together with Coco Dias.

In 1997 he joined the cast of dancers in the film “Tango” directed by Carlos Saura. In the same year he made a documentary film with the director of Hideya Yamaguchi for NHK, TV from Japon, along with actress Akiko Kuno.

At the same time it develops educational activities in different institutions dedicated to the dissemination of dance: Musicarte, SHA, Escuela del Sol Estudio de Danzas Ana Deutsch.

In 1999 he moved to Italy where he continues teaching classes and holding workshops for different cultural associations and schools; also participates in various festivals and performances of Tango Argentino.

In 2004 she met her current partner, Walter Cardozo, with whom he continued his artistic career.

In 2006 he collaborates with the Compagnia del Teatro Stabile di Verona as choreographer for the theater piece “Sette Piani” by Dino Buzzati, with Ugo Pagliai and Paola Gassman protagonists.

Walter Cardozo

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina where he began his training to become master of Tango and folkloric dances.

In tango is perfected with Rodolfo Dinzel masters Gustavo Naveira and others.

He began his professional activities in the cast of different Argentine television programs such as “Grandes Valores del Tango” and “el teleobjetivo”.

Take part in the shows “La Historia del Tango” and “Crecer en el dos por cuatro” in the Centro Cultural General San Martin de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires and in different events with the Orchestra of Tango de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires.

Vince the first Hispanic-American Biennial of Young Art organized by the Government of the City of Buenos Aires, as permanent dancer of the dance troupe “Buenos Aires Tango”.

In 1996 he became the director of the Municipal Ballet of Zarate City nominated for secretaria Cultural de la town of Provincia de Buenos Aires. 

She danced in the shows “The Vedas” and “Cafe Homero”.

In 1997 he moved to Italy where he began his teaching activities taking courses and workshops in different cities.

Take part in shows such as “Tango” fragrance with Milva and Vinicio Capossela and runs alongside Rodolfo Mederos the “Argentina” transmission Rai Sat.

In 2004 she met her current partner with whom he continues his artistic career.